Instructor Question

The content cannot be modified after the course is submitted for review. But after the review process is completed, the course editing authority will be returned to the instructor. So, if you want to modify the content, just wait for the review to end (whether it is approved or not), you can edit the course content again.

You need to be an instructor before you can open a course. To become an instructor, please register as a general member before applying to become an instructor.

After you have become an instructor,

please click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the homepage, then enter [My Lectures] -> [Create a new course].

It may be that the correct YouTube video URL is not entered. To get the correct video URL, please click the "Share" button on the YouTube interface, and a window with a URL will pop up. This URL is the correct video URL.

There are two ways to become an instructor: 

  1. If you have registered for an account: [Register ] -> [Register Instructor] , after submission, the administrator will review your qualifications, and you can become an instructor after approval.
  2. You have applied for an account: [Profile] >[Edit] , After filling in the necessary information to apply for an instructor, go to the bottom of the page and press the "Apply to Become an instructor" button to submit the application. The administrator will review the qualifications and become a teacher after the review is passed.

There are three parts to the preparation process before the class, which are 

1. What will the students learn after the course? 
2. The prior knowledge that students should have. 
3. Who is suitable for this course, which is where the instructor will clearly describe the targeted group who is suitable for the course.  

The more detailed the description of the target audience, the easier it is to attract students to join. It will also highlight the instructor’s major and understand the needs of students, so please fill in carefully."

The currently supported formats are limited to mp4. If your video format is not mp4, please go to the internet to search for the software that converts the video format, use the software to convert the video to MP4 format and upload it. At the same time, we also support YouTube videos to be embedded in the course and can also be properly applied.