“We Share Value” has always been Datavideo’s original intention.  In order to promote radio and television education and let more users know about Datavideo, we must let our resellers get the support they need.


Datavideo Academy has developed a series of courses to assist resellers in developing the software and hardware knowledge of operating Datavideo products.  In addition, we encourage peer learning and information sharing among the resellers, so that resellers are able to learn multiple perspectives from others.  Datavideo Academy set up incentive programs to reward the remarkable members in the industry.  We promise to be your powerful backing and make you become our best partner.


Creative and Knowledgeable Course Designed

Reseller always faces a user's inquiry about the operation of the product, so the reseller must have sufficient product knowledge and technical skills to provide users with high value-added services.  Datavideo Academy designs a series of creative and knowledgeable courses to help reseller to strengthen professional capabilities.  The content of courses is presented by various elements, including texts, pictures and videos.   And the courses also support quizzes, assignments and message board functions.  Datavideo Academy is a platform for learning and information sharing.


Never Stop Learning

Datavideo Academy has developed a series of online learning courses for dealers. Through these courses, the resellers are able to be familiar with the basic operations of the equipment and then develop advanced skills further.  Datavideo Academy provides the knowledge both fulfil the need for entry-level and advanced users.


Cultivate Talents for the Industry

Everyone can become an influential expert in the professional field.   Datavideo Academy has made the complex knowledge easy to understand and kept looking for new approaches to attract more users to join us.  In addition to providing product knowledge and technical tutorials, Datavideo Academy also collects lots of users’ stories and application cases.  We do believe those successful users’ story will inspire resellers and lead them to become experts in the industry.


Learning by Doing

In order to provide users with better product experience, Datavideo is constantly looking for better approaches to promote our products and services.  We realize that the best idea often comes from users’ feedback, thus we highly value users’ experience and appreciate the advice from our partners.  Through reviewing the successful application cases, Datavideo Academy allows users to learn how to make the best of use Datavideo products in practical applications.