Courses & Curriculums

There is no limit, Datavideo academy welcome you to select multiple courses according to your interests, and plan your own pace of learning.

First, in “All courses” and “Curriculums” on the Home Menu, you can browse and find the courses you are interested in. After selecting a course, click on the “register now” button to register for the class (login required). Then, you can start learning until the start date.

You can leave a message in the message board of the course to ask the instructor.

Most of the courses currently offered by Datavideo academy are free, except for specific courses! You are welcome to register for these courses within the reasonable use of intellectual property.

Yes, different courses have different registration regulations. If you register for the course later, the relevant deadline will not be postponed. Therefore, you need to check the “Course Announcement” and scoring criteria to determine what you missed. If you have missed many important deadlines, you can still listen to the course by watching the videos, but cannot get the certificate of the completion.

Some courses do not require specific prior knowledge, while others do. Please see the description of “Background knowledge, skills and tools needed for this course” from the “Introduction” page of each course.

No, all course content is only available for study during the course open and cannot be used after the course.

There is currently no option for students to withdraw from the course at Datavideo Academy.

No problem. When the course is opened again, you can register for it. But whenever a new course begins, it is a brand new course. Therefore, your previous study record will not be transferred. In order to get the certificate of passing the new course, you need to complete the activities set by the instructor again and meet the passing standards for that course.

After the course is terminated, the course resources will be closed. We recommend that you save the downloadable videos and materials before the course ends so that you can learn regardless of the time limit.

When the course you are interested in has ended or there is no start time for now, you can click the “Love” button to add the course to “my favorites”. When the course start again, it will be automatically added to the”My course ” list under your account.

  1. Check if you logged in with the correct email address.
  2. Confirm that you have registered for the course. If the registration is successful, you will receive a course registration confirmation email.
  3. If the problem persists after completing the above check list, please contact us.

If you can't watch the video, try the following:

1. Make sure you use a browser that supports video playback.
2. Clear browser data and cache.
3. Turn off hardware acceleration. Please uncheck the “Use hardware acceleration mode” (if available) in the browser's setting and restart the browser.
4. Check your internet speed. You can try to play videos on other video sites (such as YouTube). If you can't watch videos on other websites, then your network connection is likely to have problems. You can try to reconnect to the network or switch to a faster network to achieve smooth video playback.

If you find that the course video is missing, please check the course outline and announcement to confirm the video upload date. If there is indeed a problem, please contact us.