Assignments, Tests and Certificates

Not necessarily. It depends on the content of each course. You can see how long it will take for the course on the course introduction page.

We currently use the “Certificate of Completion” as your proof of study. At present, this certificate is not yet valid for official credits.

Although the videos/materials on Datavideo Academy can be used by students personally, due to the copyright consideration, please do not use videos for purposes other than personal learning.

The content of each Datavideo Academy will vary depending on the instructor's instructional design and teaching style. It may include course videos, materials, and homework/assessment. You can also ask questions related to the course in the Message Board to discuss with your classmates and instructors.

The way to publish your grade is different for each course, and you can refer to the course information, the instructions in the course announcement, or ask in the discussion area of ​​the forum.

It's not necessary. If you want to obtain a course certificate, you need to complete the relevant homework according to the course outline. But if you are taking the course only to expand knowledge, not to obtain the course certificate, then you are free to plan your own learning process.

To obtain a certificate, you need to complete relevant learning content, including watching videos, submitting assignments, participating in peer evaluation and discussion, etc. Please check the course outline and announcement in time to know the specific requirement for obtaining a course certificate. The course team will decide whether to issue a certificate based on your final score. Note: the name on the course certificate will be the same as the name in your initial registration information. Please make sure your registration information is correct.

Those who pass the course standards can go to

[My Courses] -> [Specific courses you like to download] ->[Start Course] ->[Learning Record] ,

and you will find a download button of “Certificate of completion”.

Datavideo Academy’s course grades can only be passed or failed. If you pass the course, you can get the “Certificate of Completion”. On the contrary, if you fail to pass, you will not be able to obtain the course certificate. The certificate will not list the grades. The grades can only be seen by you. The course grades can be used to help understand the learning process, and can also be used as a reference basis for choosing a new course in the future. If the course is reopened, you are welcome to register for the course again.

Tests, assignments, and degree of course completion may all include in the assessment criteria. The specific proportion is determined by the instructor.