How to use PTC-285 series 4K Tracking PTZ Camera

4K Auto Tracking PTZ Camera
Sam Huang


The Secretary of the Taiwan Multimedia Creative Teaching (TMCT) Association and Director of the Taiwan Microlecture Association, Sam has been an audio and video professional for 20 years. Sam is a master in scriptwriting, videography, live video production, non-linear editing, and live video streaming. As the Secretary and Director of two associations, both educational NGOs, Sam has a strong passion for media education. He has many years of teaching experience in the College of Communication as a professional lecturer.

Skills: Scriptwriting, videography, live video production, non-linear editing, and live video streaming.

Experience: Many years of teaching experience in the college of communication as a professional lecturer.

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Brand New 4K Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

Live productions depend on high-performance cameras and camera controllers.

Datavideo is introducing the 4K50/60p auto-tracking PTZ camera, PTC-285, which can be easily controlled via the traditional RS-422 serial port or IP remote control via DVIP (Datavideo proprietary protocol) or Sony VISCA over IP. This brand-new 4K camera series supports dual streaming output for A/V market applications. You can easily stream to Facebook (RTMPS), YouTube, and dvCloud.

Datavideo also provides extended models such as the PTC-285T 4K HDBaseT and NDI to meet the needs of different workflows.


Quick Access to Camera's Auto Tracking

You will be granted direct access to auto-tracking via various external controllers such as the supplied RMC-1 remote control and DVIP controllers (RMC-300A, RMC-180 MARK II, and PTC View Assist).

In addition to camera controllers, you can also easily enable auto-tracking on smart switchers, including KMU-200, SHOWCAST 100, etc., as well as complete solution systems like ZR-1 Smart Classroom.


Custom Auto Object Tracking

If you are filming multiple people, you can designate a person for auto-tracking. Once linked to the camera, only the designated person will be tracked, avoiding interferences such as desks, people coming back and forth, large objects, etc.


Smart PTZ Speed Adaptation

The integrated PID algorithm can detect the movement speed of the identified object and automatically adjust the camera's corresponding pan, tilt, and zoom speeds. This ensures that the lens movement is smooth, avoiding common camera lens movement problems such as jerky movements or unpredicted halts.


S-Shaped Speed Curve

Just as the lift accelerates or decelerates, the camera lens movement will be smooth, avoiding jerky movements that are visible to the naked eye.


Simply Enable Auto Tracking with Your IR Remote Control

RMC-1 PTZ Controller: All you need is a remote control to set and control all four cameras and save the four presets.


Power over Ethernet

The PTC-285 supports PoE for easy installation. No need to find local power outlets or hire an electrician to install outlets wherever you want to mount your camera. Simply run a single CAT6 cable to power your PTC-285.

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What you will learn

After this course, we should have very well knowledge about how to use PTC-285 4K Tracking PTZ Camera.

Background knowledge, skills and tools needed for this course

You don't need any skills, but having a PTC-285 with you will help you to learn better in this course.

But before you take this course, you have to know that the only different from PTC-285 and PTC-280 is the auto tracking function.

Who is suitable for this course

Anyone who would like to know more about Datavideo PTC-285 4K Tracking PTZ Camera.

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  • Course completion 100%
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