HS-2850: Zero to Basic

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Miki Chan

Learn and live.

Skills: Product knowledge / EFP field experience

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What you will learn

Knowledge of HS-2850, including product introduction, connections and controls of control panel, intercom, monitor and rear panel.

About the course

The HS-2850 is a cost-effective, 12-channel, 10-bit 1920 x 1080i broadcast-quality mobile hand carry switcher. Featuring 12 digital inputs, it is designed for live events and TV programs that need to blend a variety of video and audio sources. HS-2850 is light-weight, portable, and powerful, with features perfect for mobile switching.

Background knowledge, skills and tools needed for this course

● HS-2850 switcher
● Knowledge of electronic field production and studio production
● Passion for learning

Who is suitable for this course

People who want to learn more about HS-2850 in order to use it properly and bring out its full capabilities.

Standard to pass this course

  • Course completion 100%
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