How to use HS-4000 Portable Streaming Studio

4K 8-Channel Portable Video Streaming Studio
Hazel Yen


Hi! I'm Hazel. I'm familiar with video production, including scriptwriting, videography, non-linear editing, and live video streaming. I used to work at a college, where I was responsible for several learning projects. Being passionate about the AV industry, I'm willing to share my knowledge with you.

Skills: Scriptwriting, videography, non-linear editing, and live video streaming.

Experience: Years of working experience in video production, as well as experience in marketing.

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All-in-One 4K Production Studio

Datavideo HS-4000 is an all-in-one 4K production studio, it's designed to provide users with a comprehensive solution for producing and broadcasting content in 4K resolution. 

It supports up to 4K 60/50p video, accepting inputs from HDMI 2.0 devices and 12G-SDI cameras. It features a 5-inch touchscreen with customizable icons, transition animations, chroma key, and various functions.

With a 17.3-inch UHD 2160p monitor, it offers a multiview display. the HS-4000 also includes easy recording and live streaming encoders for simultaneous broadcasting and high-quality MP4 recording with synced audio-video.


Versatile Video Inputs

The HS-4000 can accept video inputs from various sources, including PCs, multimedia players with HDMI 2.0 output, and 12G-SDI cameras. This versatility allows for seamless integration of different devices and sources into the production workflow.



12-Channel Application Built upon an 8 Video Switching Design
Responsive and seamless interface switching between 12G SDI and HDMI 2.0 on four shared channels. By upgrading from 8 channels to a 12 channel machine, it adds greater versatility to your hardware connections and more possibilities to live program production.



Integrated 4K UHD Monitor

Equipped with a high-quality 17.3-inch 4K UHD monitor, the mobile studio provides a multiview display. This display allows producers and operators to monitor multiple video sources simultaneously, ensuring smooth production execution.



Intuitive One-Button-One-Function

The easy-to-use user interface is intuitive so you don't need complicated composite buttons to activate various switching effects including video effects that are usually activated in a number of steps.

They can all be saved in one user memory slot and with the assigned icon, you can easily identify the settings saved there in. Simply tap the slot to activate all saved features.


More Multiview Layouts

Datavideo HS-4000 series video switcher offers 6 different multiview layouts for monitoring. These layouts likely provide users with flexibility in arranging and viewing multiple video sources simultaneously, enhancing the overall usability of the video switcher for various production setups.


Still Image Thumbnails
Save up to 250 4K still images such as sequential program images, images of various scenarios, full size logos, school or faculty badges, etc.

You can also capture important moments of your program and save these images for post-edits. This library of images is a good tool for future video production.



Integrated Audio Mixer

The Datavideo HS-4000 series comes equipped with an integrated audio mixer function. This feature allows users to select any audio channel from nine channels available options and mix it with any other channel of their choice. Additionally, the audio mixer function follows a flexible and user-friendly approach, providing enhanced control over audio elements during production or broadcasting.


XPT - Multiple Assignments at Will

Crosspoint assignment (XPT) gives you the option to reroute each physical input and output to any of the available buttons. No more ducking under the table for quick rerouting!


Support SRT Streaming Protocol, no Need to Worry about Unreliable Network Environment

With dvCloud, you can now replace the RTMP protocol with SRT, which will fix most streaming issues you may have. SRT is better than RTMP because it handles problematic networks more efficiently.

It requires less bandwidth, and it solves data errors faster. As a result, your viewers will experience a better stream, with less buffering and pixelization.



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What you will learn

This is a tutorial course on the usage of Datavideo HS-4000. It provides a detailed introduction to the appearance of HS-4000, OSD menu options, and the methods of using its various functions. By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of how to use the HS-4000 and enhance your 4K program production effectively.

Background knowledge, skills and tools needed for this course

To fully understand the course content, it is recommended that you have relevant knowledge in EFP and chroma key. Having a certain level of understanding of the directing process would be beneficial as well. However, if you are a complete beginner with no knowledge of directing, you can also refer to other courses provided by Datavideo Academy. It is advisable to acquire foundational knowledge first before taking this course.

Who is suitable for this course

This course is suitable for communication operators, school teachers or students with directing job requirements, system operators or distributors in the film and television industry, or anyone with a direct operational knowledge need for the HS-4000.

Standard to pass this course

  • Course completion 100%
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