How To Use iCAST 10NDI 5-Channel All-in-one Streaming Switcher

Hazel Yen


Hi! I'm Hazel. I'm familiar with video production, including scriptwriting, videography, non-linear editing, and live video streaming. I used to work at a college, where I was responsible for several learning projects. Being passionate about the AV industry, I'm willing to share my knowledge with you.

Skills: Scriptwriting, videography, non-linear editing, and live video streaming.

Experience: Years of working experience in video production, as well as experience in marketing.

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iCast 10NDI is a hybrid event switcher designed for classrooms, lecture capture, conferencing, with all the necessary I/O for producing, streaming, recording, and conferencing with Zoom, MS Teams, and other platforms.


Multiple Video Input Interfaces

iCast 10NDI has five video inputs with one SDI/HDMI selectable port, three HDMI-only ports, and one USB 3.0 port. iCast 10NDI accepts videos from various professional cameras, laptops, and document cameras.

You can also receive IP videos via an RJ-45 port.



Multiple PGM Modes

The iCAST 10NDI offers five Multiview layouts, allowing you to display your input videos simultaneously. These videos can be streamed to all corners of the world, and your audience can participate in your events with zero delay using a receiver/decoder, personal mobile device, or computer.


SRT and Vertical Stream

iCAST 10NDI supports the SRT protocol, mitigating packet loss when the network becomes unstable. iCAST 10NDI provides vertical streaming, generated with only a few basic settings. Additionally, iCAST 10NDI supports NDI | HX input and output, offering an alternative for broadcasting high-quality, low-latency video transmission.

ISO Recording of Five Video Inputs and One Main Program Output

ISO recording refers to the ability to create isolated recordings of your five camera inputs and one PGM output for video backup and adding visual effects during post-production. ISO recording allows you to save your data locally or on a file server.



Various Audio Input Ports and Multi-channel Audio Mixing

In addition to embedded audio, we have also provided input ports for external audio, such as an XLR port for connecting microphones and RCA terminals for audio players.

Web audio, the most popular audio source, is another external audio option. You can easily perform professional audio mixing with iCAST 10NDI.



Character Generation

iCAST 10NDI allows you to add graphic elements, such as logos, titles, text, and images, to any input video channels or the program output. You can add course chapters' text or workflow diagram images to your program.


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What you will learn

・The six main functions of iCAST 10NDI
・The hardware operations of iCAST 10NDI
・How to change device configurations, stream & record settings, overlay various CG via the Web UI

Background knowledge, skills and tools needed for this course

No skill required for this course.

Who is suitable for this course

・Anyone who is interested in hybrid event production with an All-in-one switcher, especially in classroom, lecture or conference environment.

Standard to pass this course

  • Course completion 100%
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