How to use RMC-300A PTZ Camera Controller

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Sam Huang


The Secretary of the Taiwan Multimedia Creative Teaching (TMCT) Association and Director of the Taiwan Microlecture Association, Sam has been an audio and video professional for 20 years. Sam is a master in scriptwriting, videography, live video production, non-linear editing, and live video streaming. As the Secretary and Director of two associations, both educational NGOs, Sam has a strong passion for media education. He has many years of teaching experience in the College of Communication as a professional lecturer.

Skills: Scriptwriting, videography, live video production, non-linear editing, and live video streaming.

Experience: Many years of teaching experience in the college of communication as a professional lecturer.

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A Multi-functional Multi-camera Controller

Datavideo RMC-300A is a multi-functional multi-camera controller. It can control up to 24 Datavideo PTZ and block cameras via DVIP or up to 8 Datavideo cameras via serial RS-422 transmission.

The RMC-300A, with the combination of a user-friendly interface on a 5” touch panel and hardware buttons, enables users to manage demanding EFP workflows without haste.


Control Up to 24 Cameras

Designed to control up to 24 cameras, with 7 preset memories for each camera for easy camera operation.


Remote Control via Ethernet or Serial Port RS-422

The RMC-300A can control PTZ and block cameras, as well as robotic camera heads such as the Datavideo PTR-10 series using the DVIP or RS-422 interfaces. It can control up to 8 cameras via RS-422 or 24 cameras via DVIP.


LCD Displays GUI for Operability and Visibility

Easily access all camera settings and recall your favorite configurations, including Shutter, Focus, Iris, Gain, Zoom, and movement speeds.


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What you will learn

After this course, we should have very well knowledge about how to use RMC-300A PTZ Camera.

Background knowledge, skills and tools needed for this course

To have a better understanding of this course, you may need the basic knowledge of what is EFP (electronic field production) and how does it work.

Who is suitable for this course

Anyone who would like to know more about Datavideo RMC-300A

Standard to pass this course

  • Course completion 100%
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