Switching Level 1

Switching Basics
Cathy Balke

introduction: I am a Marketing Director at Datavideo USA. I have been with Datavideo for over 15 years and have extensive knowledge of our products.

Skills: I have over 15 years of experience in the Broadcast and AV Industry. I have worked on several large productions, as a switcher operator, camera operator, and I have extensive knowledge with character generators. I have also assisted in the coordination of large production events and promotional productions.

Experience: Over 15 years of working at Datavideo as a Marketing professional.

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About the course

This course serves as an introduction to the Datavideo switcher family, providing an overview of the various configurations available in their product line. If you are new to video production, this course will offer a basic understanding of a video switcher and how it functions.

We will explore different transition types, keyer types (such as chroma key, luma key, and downstream key), various audio settings, and cover the process of checking and updating firmware. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge needed to use a video switcher and kickstart your multi-camera production.

What you will learn

The entire switcher line up from Datavideo

Understanding the differences between different switcher configurations

Understanding different transition types

Understanding different keyer types as well as how and when to use which keyer

Understanding different types of audio settings

How to update firmware on your switcher and firmware version verification

Who is suitable for this course

Any novice user who would like to learn about switching.

You can earn 0.5 RU for AVIXA CTS.

Standard to pass this course

  • Course completion 100%
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anthony lacy
6 months before
Thank you
1 years before
thank you
Sharon P Vijayan
1 years before
Nice Course
Glenn nienaber
1 years before
I have a suggestions, spend some time creating step by tutorials that can be used to help students learn how to use your products. It is unbelievable that you don't spend the time to produce such learning aids. We have an HS 1300 and there is virtually no training that you offer for this machine.
Lin Khaing Saw
3 years before
Thanks for all contents.
Angela Lin
4 years before
Definitely a good course to know what is a video switcher. Thank you.