How to use KMU-100 Multicamera Processor

4K Multicamera Processor
Sam Huang


The Secretary of the Taiwan Multimedia Creative Teaching (TMCT) Association and Director of the Taiwan Microlecture Association, Sam has been an audio and video professional for 20 years. Sam is a master in scriptwriting, videography, live video production, non-linear editing, and live video streaming. As the Secretary and Director of two associations, both educational NGOs, Sam has a strong passion for media education. He has many years of teaching experience in the College of Communication as a professional lecturer.

Skills: Scriptwriting, videography, live video production, non-linear editing, and live video streaming.

Experience: Many years of teaching experience in the college of communication as a professional lecturer.

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About the course

KMU-100+ is an advanced video converter allowing the conversion of UHD input signals into 4 different streams with a resolution up to Full HD. Each device has two UHD inputs that work simultaneously and interchangeably.

You can define 4 output windows (Frame 1/2/3/4) for each UHD source signal. The resolution of the Frame 1 window can be up to 3860x2160, while Frames 2, 3, and 4 support a resolution of up to 1920x1080 pixels. Every frame window can be animated. Animation is created by defining the Start and End positions of the frame window, along with their motion mode (single, loop, ping-pong). The frame window can change its size while it is animated, featuring the virtual digital zoom.

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What you will learn

After this course, we should have very well knowledge about how to use KMU-100.

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Who is suitable for this course

Those who want or need to learn how to operate KMU-100.

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  • Course completion 100%
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