How to use SE-500HD Video Switcher

4-Channel 1080p HDMI Video Presentation Switcher


The Secretary of the Taiwan Multimedia Creative Teaching (TMCT) Association and Director of the Taiwan Microlecture Association, Sam has been an audio and video professional for 20 years. Sam is a master in scriptwriting, videography, live video production, non-linear editing, and live video streaming. As the Secretary and Director of two associations, both educational NGOs, Sam has a strong passion for media education. He has many years of teaching experience in the College of Communication as a professional lecturer.

專長: Scriptwriting, videography, live video production, non-linear editing, and live video streaming.

教學經驗: Many years of teaching experience in the college of communication as a professional lecturer.



The Datavideo SE-500HD is a small, cost-effective, HD/SD digital video switcher with easy-to-use professional features. It offers 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs, supporting video formats up to Full HD 1080p. The SE-500HD also features an audio mixer with a microphone, unbalanced RCA audio inputs, and RCA audio outputs. Additional features include a Luma Keyer, PIP, Wipe Generator, Still stores, and Tally.

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After this course, we should have very well knowledge about how to use SE-500HD switcher, and also know how to live stream portrait video on facebook.


You may need to have very basic knowledge about the switcher. If you have a SE-500HD switcher with you will be even better.


Anyone wants to know how to do the portrait video production or a SE-500HD switcher user.


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