Video: 【Official】The Datavideo DVK-400 4K Chromakey for Professional Broadcast and Virtual Studio|Datavideo

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The DVK-400 is a professional broadcast-level live chromakeyer featuring a 4:4:4 10-bit image processor, which supports resolutions up to 2160p60. This means the DVK-400 provides sharper, more accurate keying than ever before. It can handle even the most difficult chromakey subjects, such as blonde hair, a glass of water, smoke, and reflective shadows, with ease, delivering a very precise chromakey effect. In HD resolution, users can also set the background blur function to create a shallow depth of field effect that makes the subject stand out from the background.


Controlling the DVK-400 is straightforward. The DVK-400 Control App works on Windows computers. Users can set the related chromakey parameters and recall the pre-saved chromakey parameter file by connecting the DVK-400 to a laptop through an IP connection. Additionally, the Auto Key Function allows users to achieve professional chromakey effects with the simple press of a button. The DVK-400 features multiple HDMI and SDI outputs, with mirroring options available for both Preview and Program.