Micro-Course Video Lecture Production Guide 101

How to make a good course video
Angela Lin


Datavideo marketing, as well as a teacher of Datavideo Academy. Providing the video knowledge to everyone become one of the habit now.

Skills: Marketing. Video Shooting.

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About the course

Education has already evolved from one-on-one teaching in private schools to the one-to-many lecture in public schools. Only until today, in the 21st Century, we are seeing this revolutionary change due to the prosperity of the Internet, which becomes the best broadcast platform for our education. Initially, teaching and learning are in the form of text and graphics. In modern days, learning and teaching can be done using videos, thereby allowing different methods in our education in different places. Video lectures attract many schools and teachers to join this revolution of education, thus giving rise to the Massive Open Online Course or commonly known as MOOC in short. The platform requires different contents, which form the fundamental of these online courses.


Innovation determines the global competitiveness of our future generations. The focus of the next generation of education should be placed on educating innovative talents. Innovation education should not just be theoretical. If theories about innovation education and innovative teaching tools end up becoming nothing no more than research papers or reports, then all of the efforts would be pointless. The real innovation education requires practical work from teachers who should apply innovative teaching methods to the classroom. As long as the teacher is willing to take the lead in creating the right environment or atmosphere, the students will then learn the ability to think innovatively and critically from the teacher.


What you will learn

You will know how to make a good course video from this 101 course. Having the right method to shoot the course video will be much easier for you.

We will also discuss MOOC course video production in detail and what the teacher needs to know in order to be able to face the challenges of video production.

Background knowledge, skills and tools needed for this course

You don’t need any skill or tool, but your passion for the video.

Who is suitable for this course

Anyone who is interesting in shooting quality course video.

Standard to pass this course

  • Course completion 100%
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Can only be evaluated when 1/3 of the course is completed